The Importance of the Softball Catcher

Even for the fan that walks up and watches a fast pitch softball game for the very first time, it’s easy to see how important the softball catcher is. They receive every pitch and they seem to be involved in every play. But very few people understand the complex training that it takes to develop a great catcher.

Like any other position in fast pitch, you need to spend a great deal of time in work and drills to develop the many different duties and responsibilities of a catcher. Everything from receiving the pitch, to shifting and blocking, to fielding pop-ups and bunts, and all different kinds of throws. What seems like a very simplistic position in fact is very complex.

Champions Advanced Catchers Training Course specializes in developing catchers from an athletic position.
First is training the catchers mussel groups that are critical to developing the body to be able to handle all the duties that a catcher needs to be able to perform.
Champions includes exorcizes that prevent injury and maximize MIND and BODY growth.